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Selfies Are Here To Stay

A Guide To Snapchat for the Wine, Beer and Spirit Business.


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Launched in 2011, Snapchat was designed as a social mobile app on which users could conveniently edit and share photos with amusing captions, drawings and filters. The platform quickly gained notoriety as a go-to app for users looking for a place to casually connect and comment on quirky and entertaining content created for one reason: an instant look into the lives and imagination of others.

Based on its popularity and evolving line-up of features, the platform has received increased interest from the corporate world. The overall number of users, as well as the increasing range of its core demographic, continues to grow at a torrent pace. No longer is this app being used by the youngest Millennials. The user base is just too big to ignore.

Today, Snapchat is one of the most popular phone apps available on the market today and is considered by many as poised to become one of the top social platforms. Even though the closed API of the app makes tracking the success of marketing campaigns hard, companies continue to pour money into developing new and unique marketing campaigns to be used exclusively for the platform.

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