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Sales and Marketing

2021 USA Wine Ratings Winners Announced

11/08/2021 | Shottesbrooke Reserve Series 'Eliza' Shiraz named the Wine Of The Year at the 2021 USA Wine Ratings.

Sales and Marketing

2021 USA Beer Ratings Winners Announced

11/08/2021 | Dr. Lupulin from Revision Brewing Company named Beer Of The Year at the 2021 USA Beer Ratings.

Sales and Marketing

2021 USA Spirits Ratings Winners Announced

11/08/2021 | Barr Hill Gin from Caledonia Spirits has been named spirit of the year second time in a row at the 2021 USA Spirits Ratings.

Sales and Marketing

BevMo’s Jeff Feist on Taking Part in USA Spirits Ratings

05/05/2021 | "Giving a rating to just liquid, blind has its place in the market and is very important, but that is different to when I have to decide what to put on the shelf. The USA Spirits Ratings competition is closer to the way I make chain assortment decisions". - Jeff

Sales and Marketing

Jason Lam on Upcoming Winning Spirits Trends in 2021

05/05/2021 | Jason Lam talks about his career in the drinks industry, what it is about to work in a bar, upcoming spirits trends, and what he looks for in winning spirits.

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London Spirits Competition Launches Cocktail Stories


In a bid to raise the bar year after year and offer increased value to competition entrants, the London Spirits Competition has introduced a beneficial feature in 2021.