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Presentation Is Important Says The Leading Sommeliers Subscriber content

22/03/2018 | BTN Interviewed the Judges of London Wine Competition, that includes Sommeliers and head wine buyers. Each of them agreed and spoke about how important the presentation of wine is in making a buying decision

Sales and Marketing

Strategies for Finding New Accounts Subscriber content

02/03/2018 | Like the changing seasons, there are cycles of life that are regular and inevitable. No matter how stellar your current wine and spirits account run is, you must add new accounts, either to expand your gross volume or to replace cold accounts that have under performed for too long

Sales and Marketing

Consume Wine - But, in Moderation Subscriber content

06/11/2017 | The message of consuming wine in moderation is a fundamental one and closely associated with the wine industry, and one organization is doing the tireless work of promoting this message throughout the world.

Sales and Marketing

10 Steps in Getting your Branding Right: The Anestasia Vodka Way Subscriber content

30/10/2017 | In such a competitive industry branding is everything. The quality of a product is important, but to have a memorable product with a strong buying power, the product needs to have impeccable branding in addition to its quality

Sales and Marketing

Maximize your Success at Trade Fairs Subscriber content

24/10/2017 | As the number of liquor brands has increased, so has the complexity for buyers and sellers to meet and discover new opportunities. Trade fairs and trade exhibitions are events that can bring buyers and sellers together in one place, adding value by connecting potential business partners.

Sales and Marketing

How Top Retailers Work Subscriber content

02/10/2017 | While wine and spirits retailers may differ greatly in terms of size and geographic location, there are several key factors that unite the most successful of them.

Sales and Marketing

Can California Brandy Play on the Global Stage? Subscriber content

25/09/2017 | The view of California Brandy is one of complete ignorance. Brandy is either in the well at the bar, or in the kitchen for cooking.

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