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Dick & Stein - A True European Gin

First gin with botanicals from Vertical Farming - created in Vienna & Berlin.


The Austro-Berliner Tobias Dick and the Viennese Horst Stein stand for quality and enjoyment and that is what reflects in their multiple award-winning London Dry Gin.

Tobias, Co-Founder of Dick & Stein, is an enthusiastic sailor who loves the interaction of the forces of nature and a stiff breeze. His thirst for adventure, broad interest, and taking on responsibility allow him to achieve his goals and enjoy the quality of the moment. He believes that there is always a way, an alternative. 

Horst is a visual artist who composes his paintings very precisely and still leaves room for surprises. He designed Dick & Stein’s elegant bottle that shows a characteristic symbolism and an aesthetic world of its own.

Austro-Berliner Tobias Dick and the Viennese Horst Stein

Viennese Horst Stein and Austro-Berliner Tobias Dick

Tobias and Horst’s creativity and intensity merged to create a unique experience with uncompromising quality, beauty & elegance. As their London Dry Gin takes its name from its creators’ surnames, the connection between the two is precisely shown in its design and taste.

About Dick & Stein Gin

Dick & Stein is the first gin with botanicals from vertical farming (95% less water and closed-loop system). It’s a very high quality, unfiltered gin distilled from some of the best European botanicals from North, South, East, and West. These organic botanicals include juniper, various types of citrus, limes, iris, angelica, pine, thyme, Seville orange, verbena, ginger, dandelion, alpine gentian, wild strawberry, and more. In total, 23 high-quality ingredients from the best terriers of Europe create this wonderful gin.

Dick & Stein Gin

Dick & Stein - A True European Gin


The organic ingredients leave the intense flavor with a balanced aroma. The juniper notes, the fresh citrus scents, and the complex resin tones come to the fore perfectly in the nose, on the palate, and in the long finish.


Refreshing and complex citrus fragrance, fine juniper as well as resinous-floral notes, rounded off by the inviting fruit aroma of wild strawberry.


Soft, multi-layered, and complex. Excellent balance of juniper, which is powerful on the palate, with the fresh accents of seven different tropical fruits and more tart pine-rosemary tones. Alpine gentian touch meets a hint of floral notes.


Warm, spicy, and pleasantly long, as one knows from good wines.

Technical data

Type: London Dry

Vegan: yes

Alcohol b. vol.: 45,7%

Volume: 50 cl

Origin: Austria

Supplements: none

Sulfites: none

Shelf life: unlimited


Dick & Stein Gin has won a silver medal at the London Spirits Competition 2021 and 2 bronze medals at the ISC and Craft Spirits Berlin in the first 6 months in the market.

Tasting notes by London Spirits Competition Judges

‘Complex juniper and red berries aromas. On the palate a bit of wood on the palate with a light sweetness and sharp citrus. Pretty vibrant flavors.’

Dick & Stein Shelf Talker by 2021 London Spirits Competition

Dick & Stein Shelf Talker by 2021 London Spirits Competition

Cocktail Recipes

Dick & Stein Cocktails

Hoffman House 1905 Dry Martini

5,5 cl Dick & Stein Gin

1,5 cl extra dry vermouth Freimeisterkollektiv

1 dash Regan's orange bitter no. 6

1 lemon twist

Cosmopolitan 1934

Lemon zest

2 barspoon raspberry

2 barspoon Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

2 cl lemon juice

5 cl Dick & Stein Gin

Perfect Serve

Dick & Stein Perfect Serve

#1 Pure

Dick & Stein Gin 5 cl chilled

#2 Gin & Tonic

Dick & Stein Gin 5 cl

Tonic water 10 cl

Ice cubes

Orange zest

We totally recommend spirits importers, distributors, and bartenders add this amazing gin brand to their portfolio. Given how wonderful it is and its achievement in a short time, this will be a great, profitable addition to the list.

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