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Global Sound Byte! BevCast Weekly News Episode #6

Bevcast Weekly News is a news series giving you a quick look at the most important news, trends, and developments of the week.


Listen to Industry News and other Insights on the Bevcast Podcast Channel on Soundcloud. Bevcast Weekly News is a news series giving you a quick look at the most important news, trends, and developments of the week.

Bevcast Weekly News is brought to you by London Wine Competition, which is an international wine competition that Beverage Trade Network hosts in London every year where wines are judged by Quality, Value, and Package.

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So gear up for your week ahead - these are our top stories of the week.

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Top UK Drink Trends for 2019

Pink gins and no-alcohol beer are two trends from 2018 that should carry over into the New Year. In addition, top UK drink trends for the next 12 months include pay-as-you-go wine bars, hybrid drinks like “vodquila” (vodka + tequila), English sparkling wine, and “extreme” craft beers.

The Flat Wine Bottle Could Open Up a New Era of Online Wine Sales

UK online wine merchant Naked Wines plans to introduce a series of wines in flat bottles that are capable of being posted through a letterbox. The wine packaging solution, introduced by Garcon Wines, uses bottles that are the same 750 ml as traditional wine bottles, just flattened and made longer.

California’s Temecula Valley Could Become New Wine Hot Spot in 2019

Napa Valley and Sonoma might get all the attention, but Southern California’s Temecula Valley was the California wine region named to Wine Enthusiast’s list of the 10 best wine getaways of 2019. Wine Enthusiast selected Temecula Valley for the quality of its wine and its wine experiences.

Music Industry Star Drake Now Has Own Champagne Label

Known to his fans as “Champagne Papi,” recording artist Drake has launched a premium champagne brand known as Mod Selection Champagne. It will retail for $300-$400 per bottle and will be produced in the Champagne region of France. For now, it will only be available in the U.S. and Canada.

Climate Change a New Topic of Discussion For French Winemakers

At the conference “Bordeaux in America: The Climate Disruption,” French winemakers discussed how climate change has already impacted the wine industry, and how it might impact the wine industry in the future. Within 30 years, vineyards in Napa Valley might be too warm for certain grape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon.

Marijuana Legalization No Longer Viewed as Threat by Spirits Producers

According to a study of spirits sales in Colorado, Oregon and Washington State – three states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use – alcohol sales actually went up in these states after legalization. That’s good news for spirits producers, who originally worried that marijuana might hurt alcohol sales.

Australian Winemakers Have New Way to Crack Down on Counterfeit Wines in China

In China, it will soon be possible to tell if an Australian wine is fake or authentic. Sydney-based YPB has created a new QR code system for Australian winemakers. Over the past few years, wine counterfeiting has emerged as a serious problem, especially for prestige Australian brands such as Penfolds.

New Series of California Wines For Racing Fans

Adobe Road Winey, in partnership with The Racers Group, has created “The Racing Series” of four ultra-premium California red wines inspired by great moments at the race track. The owner of Sonoma-based Adobe Road Winery is Kevin Buckler, a former professional race car driver.

U.S. Alcohol Consumption Expected To Increase, Even As Population Growth Slows

The Journal of Wine Economics has published an extensive study on alcohol consumption rates in the U.S., concluding that per-capita consumption of beer, wine and spirits will increase in 2019. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the U.S. population is growing at less than 1% annually.

“Game of Thrones” Now Has Its Own Wine

The final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” was the inspiration for a new wine from Bordeaux winemaker Thibault Bardet. His goal was to recreate the legendary Dornish wine beloved by many of the characters in “Game of Thrones,” especially Tyrion Lannister, by studying the show’s descriptions of Dorne’s terroir.

American Craft Distillers Could Lose European Export Markets Due to Trade War

Europe has traditionally been the first export market for small U.S. craft distillers. But the ongoing trade war between the United States and the EU is putting many plans on hold. EU retaliatory tariffs, for example, are making craft spirits like bourbon and rye whiskey more expensive to import.

Japan’s Wine Industry Getting An Appellation System

The Japanese government is getting close to introducing an appellation system for the nation’s terroir, in which Japanese winemakers would need to note on the label where grapes were grown. The challenge, however, is that many Japanese wineries do not own their own vineyards and source grapes from multiple regions.

Syrah Gaining Momentum With Casual Wine Drinkers

Sommeliers have always regarded Syrah wines from the Northern Rhone as a must-have for their wine menus. But now casual wine drinkers are waking up to their potential. In addition, cool-climate Syrah wines from Sonoma, Australia, and South Africa are gaining as part of a broader trend.

Sazerac Increases Stake in India’s John Distilleries

U.S.-based spirits company Sazerac could be expanding soon into India, one of the top alcohol markets in the world. The company increased its holdings of John Distilleries, making it the second-largest shareholder in the company. John Distilleries is the manufacturer of the world’s 7th largest whisky brand, Original Choice Whisky.

Government Shutdown in the United States Might Delay California Crush Report

The National Agricultural Statistics Services, which is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is planning to delay its California crush report until the U.S. government re-opens for business. The delay will complicate contract negotiations for the state’s grape growers and make it difficult for them to budget for 2019.

Wine Startup Promises To Deliver Wine By The Glass

Wine delivery startup Vinebox is bringing the wine by the glass concept out of restaurants and into the home. The company has patented a single-serving size bottle for small-lot, premium wines. For now, Vinebox will offer a red blend and a Rosé in 6-, 12- and 24-pack quantities.

Canadian Marijuana Industry Looking to Hire Alcohol Industry Veterans

The growing size of the cannabis industry in Canada means that top executives from the alcohol are now very much in demand. A new range of cannabis-infused beverages and cannabis edibles will hit stores in 2019, and that means cannabis businesses need to hire people with consumer brand experience.

Wine Tanks Go, Haute Couture,

Looking for a way to transform your winery into a must-see showroom? You might want to consider what some wine experts refer to as “haute couture wine tanks.” For example, one equipment manufacturer has stylish wine tanks so beautiful that they are “designed to become pieces of family furniture.”

“Dry January” Campaign Actually Works

In the UK, the “Dry January” public health campaign has been successful. A new study shows that people who pledged to stop drinking for the entire month of January continued to drink less 8 months later. “Dry January” has grown in popularity ever since it was launched in 2014.

Korbel California Champagne Launches New Lovebird Bottle

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Korbel has unveiled a new limited edition feather-themed bottle wrap for its California Brut Rosé champagne. The new pink, white and silver Lovebird bottle is being marketed as the perfect special gift to celebrate a season of love and friendship.


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