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Share Your Private Label Expertise with the Industry

Share your experience in the largest conference series for private label wine, beer, and spirits program managers and retailers in North America


IBWSS San Francisco – the largest conference series for private label wine, beer and spirits program managers and retailers in North America – is returning to San Francisco! It will take place at the South San Francisco Conference Centre.  This industry-leading event features experts from all around the states, specifically chosen to influence and inspire attendees.

The theme of the IBWSS San Francisco conference is ‘Bulk up your bottom line’.

This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other retailers and suppliers that are in private label, bulk wine, bulk spirits and contract manufacturing business professionals.


You must currently be working for a national or state level retail chain and should be in the wine, beer or spirits buying or merchandising team. Examples include BevMo, Total Wine, Wholefoods, Specs, Festival Foods, 7-Eleven, etc.


IBWSS Sessions are 30 minutes in length and should include at least 5 minutes of audience participation in the form of questions and answers, debate or other interaction.


South San Francisco Conference Centre, July 25-26, 2018.


Of course, all speakers enjoy the bragging rights of being a speaker and the comfy and quiet speaker room but there is more. The IBWSS organizers know that the speakers are what really make the event, and so to that end all speakers receive:

• A roundtrip flight to the event.
• 2 nights hotel accommodation. 
• Ground transportation to/from San Francisco airport. 
• Full access Speaker Pass.


Please email your proposal to Sid Patel at by January 30, 2018.

Proposals should consist of the following information in the body of an email:

• Presenter’s full name and contact information. 
• Employer and/or affiliations. 
• Brief biography. 
• Topic synopsis, proposed title, and a one-paragraph description. 
• The reason why this material is significant and/or how you think attendees will be able to apply the knowledge. 
• Any other conferences or video links of your previous talks if any.

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