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If You Don’t Offer Private Labels, Someone Else Will

Most retailers are on to this now, so don't fall behind. Learn how offering a private label selection could help boost your brand and bring in profit.


Photo for: If You Don’t Offer Private Labels, Someone Else Will

How offering a private label selection could help boost your brand and bring in profit.

The wine world is a competitive one – both for producers and retailers. On the production end, manufacturers battle with one another to create high quality products that will resonate with a broad customer base. It’s a dynamic world that’s a never-ending race to the top.  

The retail end sees the fruit of producers’ efforts. Store managers, foragers, and restauranteurs experience a never-ending parade of wine brands marching through their doors on a daily basis. Most come and go without ever seeing shelf space. A retailer may choose to offer a wine because it’s something unique, only to find that half a dozen other stores, restaurants, or bars in the area also offer it. Not so unique.

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