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How Does A Distributor Perform Well In A Sales Negotiation With A Retail Customer

Importers and distributors notoriously come off second best in negotiations with their retail customers. Here’s some tips on how to balance things out.


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It takes two people to get anything done. Be it doing the tango, having a row, kiss and making up, and in our world, doing business. For importers and distributors sitting down for a sales negotiation with a retailer can feel like stepping into a boxing ring with the only glove. But it does not have to be that way. Here’s how.

 1. Do your homework

There are seven points here to take on board, but really you could just repeat the first one seven times over. The biggest sin you can make going into sales negotiation with a retail buyer is to be under prepared. They will not forgive you and neither will your boss. So if you think you are prepared, then prepare some more. Cover all angles, however obscure and be prepared to be caught off your guard.

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