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Retail is Changing: How to Stay Competitive

The retail drinks market is increasingly dynamic and we all need to stay ahead of that ever-changing marketplace.


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Businesses have increased all over the world. With this increase, there is an increase in the competition too. Being competitive is a must to stay in the market. What all require to be competitive is a different ball game altogether.

Here is a quick guide which will help you be competitive in the market.

  1. Differentiate your business

  2. Exemplify your strengths – always focus on your strengths first, which you can multiply

  3. Be well-versed with consumer trends

  4. Automate your marketing campaign

  5. Leverage the use of social media

  6. Keep in hand your repetitive buyers and target new buyers

  7. Develop USPs – It will help you differentiate your product

Have a track of competitive analysis of what your competitors do. Areas which you need to be aware of are;

  1. Products (What is their product all about, number of quantities etc.)

  2. Customer Service (Is it customer-centric?)

  3. Sales (Sales strategies used – online, distributors etc.)

  4. Pricing (Cost vis a vis value of the product)

  5. Promotion/Advertising (Marketing strategies used)

  6. Strengths & Weaknesses (What are they doing well and what could they improve on?)

Do you want to stay competitive in this rapidly growing marketplace?

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